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If you are planning on not using your vehicle for an extended period of time, it is important that you take steps to store the vehicle properly. If you don't do this, mechanical problems may happen with disuse. Below are the steps that you should take for car storage racks, that will prevent damage to your vechile over a long period of time.

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Oil and Filter

It is important that you change the oil and filter on your car. If you are not going to use your car for a long time, you should talk to a mechanic if you should use oils without any additives in them.

Gas for the Car

You should put gas into the car before you stop using it. Condensation can happen with vehicles that are stored for a while so it is suggested that you fill the tank with premium non alcohol fuel. It is also recommended that you add a gasoline stabilizer because gasoline can become gummy after a period of time. The stabilizer should help with the gumminess. You should also make sure that the coolant levels are right for the car.


It is important that you inflate the tires to what it says on the tires. If you are wanting to store your vehicle for the winter, you should check your manual to find out what the proper tire pressure should be. Having your tires over inflated while they are in storage may help prevent flat spots.

Clean the Car

Make sure that you clean your car inside and out before you store it. Wash under the hood of the vehicle to remove dirt, clean out the interior, and remove the carpet from your vehicle if it is being stored in a heated indoor area. Removing the carpets will help them to not become musty.

Battery Maintainer

A battery maintainer should be used if the vehicle is going to be stored for longer than a month. This battery maintainer will charge your car every once in a while so that it will start up properly when you begin to use your vehicle again.

Windshield and Wipers

Put a piece of plastic wrap under the wiper blades. This helps prevent the rubber from sticking to the glass. If you have time though, the best option would be to take the blades off and put them in a warm place. If the blades are removed, it is important that you pad the wiper arms so that they don't scratch the windshield glass.

Basic Mechanics

If you know basic mechanics, take out the spark plugs and then spray a little bit of oil into the cylinders to prevent rust. Afterwards, place spark plugs back in.

Parking Brake

Remember to release the parking brake. If you leave the parking brake on, the brake pads might stick to the rotors. Put chocks under the tires so that the vehicle won't move. Chocks are better than a parking brake anyway.

So if you do these things, your vehicle should stay in good shape while it is waiting to be used in storage.